Thursday, August 5, 2010

pride without bloodshed

Prior to independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman had given the Malayan Communist Party the opportunity to surrender. Eventually, the MCP wanted to be acknowledged, but then Tunku refused.
In the talks held with the MCP in Baling on 28th December 1955, Tunku offered amnesty on 2 conditions: lay down their arms and returned to China.

Tunku chose not to seek independence in the same way as Indonesia or other Asian as well as some African countries. He convinced by the success of Malays when they peacefully protested against the formation of Malayan Union (which was wanted by the British to be established in 1956) instead Federation Government was formed on 21st January 1948..

However, more 50 years after independence, it has been proved to the world that Malaysia is now more stable  and respected. Malaysia's defence strategy shocked the world an incurred the wrath of the Western world. Seriously. I've heard this from one of the Malaysian army who told me by the ears.

Therefore, it has now been clearly shown that struggle does not necessarily have to be bloody in order to be honourable :)

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