Thursday, August 5, 2010

pride without bloodshed

Malaya independence on 31st Aug 1957 through the constitution (UMNO+MCA+MIC) = Alliance Party under the late Tunku Abdul Rahman did not have the blessings of everyone in Malaya (as today's known Malaysia). PAS led by Dr. Burhanuddin Hilmi and Parti Rakyat under Ahmad Boestamam and Ishak Hj Mohammad are the lefties and pro-Indonesia. By their perspective heads, the independence was empty and meaningless. Credited to Parti Rakyat, their motto was independence through BLOODSHED. ("thru the bloodshed-waka-waka" said of one of my roomates, abg hafiz)
The late Tunku Abdul Rahman was criticized as a stool pigeon of the Britts and also a puppet of the colonial masters.
The thing is, why did Ahmad Boestamam and his Parti Rakyat set their motto's of independence through BLOODSHED?
actually their feelings were based on the fact that even though Malaya was independent, there were British Army bases, foreign-owned properties had not been seized and there were foreigners still in the police force and administrative bodies in the country.

OH-KEY, lets be nice everyone. this blog is just on a history reflection purposes

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